"The Malaysian Michelle Lee, a dancer-actress all round talent exemplifies this 'Dragon-Lady' in the best way. How lovely and warm she is, seductive and graceful - dance is her life." (Friedrichshafen, 2002)

Michelle Lee, Sam Scudder and Mark Prince, too, perform at top level. “Moon Palace” really tells the same story three times over. (Abendzeitung Munich, 2002)

David Mark, Michelle Lee, Sam Scudder and Mark Prince are faultless actors with imposing CVs and they seem to jump effortlessly into their many roles which account for the stage adaptation’s spirit.(Mannheimer Morgen, 2002)

The director casts the entrancing Michelle Lee as MS’ warmhearted, constantly dancing girlfriend. (Dresdner Nachrichten, 2002)

“Moon Palace” is truly a tour-de-force for the four performers... like Michelle Lee as Fogg's girlfriend Kitty, must perform various male and female roles..." (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, 2002)


Sweet and Sour, South China Morning Post editorial, 2004